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SOUR SOUBRY STRIKES AGAIN: Now the loony MP says Tories should join forces with Labour to stop Britain leaving the single market



SOUR Anna Soubry has urged remain voting Conservative MPs to join forces with the Labour Party to block a hard Brexit.

Appearing on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show with remain-voting Labour MP Chuka Umunna, the loony democracy denier said: “If this government doesn’t get this right then the majority of members of parliament, putting their constituents first, will find themselves unable to vote for a withdrawal agreement.”

Her own party has ruled out Britain staying in the single market and the customs union which would mean lower cheaper food and clothes and less immigration – a key reason many voted to leave the European Union.

Soubry said a hard Brexit was “bad for the economy:” and added that “it also fundamentally undermines the peace process that was achieved and this is really important,”

She then called for a second referendum and said: “We won’t stop it. It is the people. We gave the people a referendum to start this process.”

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