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Alan Duncan MP: ‘Brexit is a WORKING CLASS Tantrum’



ALAN DUNCAN – A Conservative MP, has sparked OUTRAGE by saying Brexit was a “tantrum” by working-class voters about immigration.

The MP for Rutland and Melton made the comments at the Chicago Council of Global Affairs.

“The manner in which the campaign was fought stirred up a lot of sentiment amongst people that are not habitual voters, particularly on the issue of immigration. You could feel in the last 10 days of the campaign, traditional blue-collar urban Labour opinion going viral for leave. They were stirred up by an image of immigration, which made them angry and throw a bit of a tantrum. That was part of the chemistry that explains the result.”

If that is the case, Mr Duncan is accusing his OWN CONSTITUENTS of throwing a tantrum as Politicalite can reveal, the constituency that Mr Duncan represents VOTED TO LEAVE THE EU.

Not very proud…

Brexit Results for Rutland and Melton:

Remain: 12,695 (41.9%)
Leave: 17,610 (58.1%)
Number of voters: 30,305
Turnout: 81.3%

Remain: 11.353 (49.4%)
Leave: 11,613 (50.6%)
Number of voters: 22,984
Turnout: 78.1%

The Remoaning MP clearly has a case of severe hypocritical amnesia, as It is a well-known fact that Remoaners have been throwing the biggest political tantrum since Britain voted to leave. I think Pot needs to meet Kettle.

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