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THE FOX IS IN THE HEN HOUSE: Sajid Javid’s rise to Home Secretary makes him the most powerful Muslim in the UK government



THE SON of Pakistani immigrants Sajid Javid was today named the UK’s new Home Secretary following the Windrush scandal.

Javid will be responsible for Counter-Terrorism, Policing, Security, Immigration and citizenship for the United Kingdom, A high profile position, it is widely recognised as one of the most prestigious and important roles in the British Cabinet.

“We’re going to have a strategy in place that does something the previous home secretary set out last week when she made a statement to parliament – to ensure that we have an immigration policy that is fair, it treats people with respect, and with decency,” Javid announced. “That will be one of my most urgent tasks, to make sure that we look carefully at the policy and make sure it achieves just that – fairness.”

Following the 2017 Islamic terrorist massacre on Westminster Bridge in London, Javid told attendees of the ‘Muslim News Awards for Excellence’ that Muslims cannot also be murderers.

“I’m no religious scholar. Many years have passed since I studied the Quran as a child. But even I know it offers no justification for what happened in Paris, or for the kind of indiscriminate slaughter that came to Westminster last week,” he said. “You literally cannot be both a Muslim and a murderer. Nor do the views and actions of the extremists have anything in common with our daily lives.”

“Yet we can’t deny that these people think they are Muslims. They identify as Muslims. They genuinely believe they are acting for the glory of Islam.”

Mr Javid was also reminded of the time he lied about receiving a “Kill A Muslim” letter by Breitbart London’s Raheem Kassam.

He tweeted, “Remember when the new Home Secretary, @sajidjavid, used someone else’s ‘Punish a Muslim Day’ letter when claiming he had also received one. Still no proof he ever did. Evidence suggests he lied.”

Javid’s appointment effectively makes him the most prominent Pakistani Muslim in UK government, eclipsing London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

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