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£100 REWARD: Who Is The Bolton Poppy Box Thief? – FIND HER!

THIS Suspected Romanian Migrant is allegedly part of a crime gang that has been accused of being behind a string of charity collection box thefts in Bolton, Greater Manchester and we need to find her.

Yesterday we revealed that suspected Romanian Migrants were behind the thefts which included Poppy Boxes for the Royal British Legion.

Sources told Politicalite that “Lots of people [in] Bolton know these women.” and the owner of The Cosy Cafe accused the Romanian gang of “begging” outside a local Mosque on Derby Street every Friday afternoon with a cardboard sign claiming to be poor.

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The poppy collection boxes were supplied by Bolton Armed Forces Centre, who supplied the Cosy Cafe in Bolton with a collection box, the other store – Signature Textiles had a charity box stolen that was raising money for Annabelle’s Challenge, a charity supporting families affected by Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS).

Politicalite is now offering £100* for the successful I.D. leading to the conviction of the suspect in the picture above.


*Terms and Conditions Apply

Politicalite UK Ltd’s offer of a total reward of £100 (ONE HUNDRED POUNDS) is for information provided to Politicalite UK Ltd which leads to the arrest of the female suspect who was part of a gang that allegedly stole several charity collection boxes in Bolton Town Centre on the 3rd November 2018.

This reward is subject to the following terms and conditions and will only be payable in accordance with them.

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To be eligible to claim the reward, you must have provided information to Politicalite UK Ltd which leads to the arrest and conviction of the suspect.

You must be over 18, a UK resident, and you must be the person who provided the information to us.

If more than one person provides information that fully meets these criteria, the reward will be divided equally between the claimants.

The following people are not eligible to claim the reward or any part of it: (i) anyone who in the reasonable belief of Politicalite UK Ltd has any foreknowledge of or involvement in the crime (ii) any accomplice, relative, or friend of any suspect and (iii) serving police officers, or civilians working with or for the police, or any emergency services (iv) staff of Politicalite.

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The offer of a reward will, unless renewed by Politicalite UK Ltd, automatically terminate on 1.1.2019.

The conditions set out hereunder are subject to variation only by Politicalite who will, at all times, will have the final decision over the terms and conditions, and payment of the reward. 

No payment(s) will be made until the Editor of Politicalite has received confirmation from police as to the legitimacy of the claim(s) to the reward.

Politicalite UK Ltd is a limited company registered in England and Wales. Company number: 11503722. Registered office address: Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 2NX

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