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Activate endorse Jacob Rees Mogg for PM and Tory leader – sort off…

THE LOONATICS running the Asylum over at Activate have sensationally endorsed Jacob Rees-Mogg as future Conservative leader and Prime Minister.

It also seems that Activate has erupted into a CIVIL WAR after it’s Facebook still appears to be supporting Theresa May.

They then claimed that the Twitter account had once again been taken over by ‘hackers’.

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Activate (on Twitter) then described the Facebook page as being run by a ‘May supporting Faction’.


Proving that they are really incompetent, instead of trying to unite The Conservative Party during the difficult Brexit talks they are trying to DIVIDE the party.

This is an OPEN GOAL for Labour, The Liberal Democrats and Momentum when they are so divided on Brexit.

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Instead of focusing on the Labour divide, they would rather create ones in the Conservative Party.

It’s all so embarrassing, If they can’t unite behind a leader – how can anyone take them seriously?

It doesn’t surprise me that the Activate Toffs have endorsed Ultra-Toff Jacob Rees-Mogg.

JRM has voted against anything that would help the disadvantaged, voted to cut benefits for the poor and has consistently voted against policies that would give equal rights to same-sex couples and even voted against same sex marriage.

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Is this really the vision of the Young Conservatives? To back an MP who’s only interests are helping the rich and powerful?

I don’t think this is going to win over Young Labour Voters that the Conservatives need to win another General Election.

Will someone please STOP these degenerates and #DEACTIVATE Activate.


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