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NEIL HAMILTON: The UK Cannot be an Open Door to Afghan Refugees



FOLLOWING the utter catastrophe of Biden telegraphing America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, it was always going to be a matter of when not if the Taliban would regain control of the country.

The UK and US Armed Forces and families have paid heavily for a war which we should never have entered. I can’t help but feel for all those people who paid the ultimate sacrifice, who’s families lost loved ones, and for the heroes who returned badly injured who will be forever scarred. They will now all feel deeply let-down and be asking themselves – What was it for…

The US and UK have let down the people of Afghanistan, their Armed Forces and their families.

The Afghan people now face the return to a regime who’s previous oppression puts the likes of Saddam and Gaddafi in the category of mere beginners. The rights of women and people who question their beliefs and actions will now be met with a medieval brand of religious governance which belongs in the stone-age. The Taliban haven’t changed – they have simply learnt how to use some basic PR skills. I’m amazed that military commanders are currently falling for it.

It terms of taking 100’s of thousands refugees from the country, UKIP believes it does owe loyalty to Afghan’s such as Interpreters who assisted our forces during their time there, along with people who assisted the government and military operation in other ways.


However, the UK simply cannot be an open door to every Afghan refugee. We believe the current legal refugee system should be used and lets not forget, the shear amount of safe countries much closer to Afghanistan than the UK. Maybe given Biden’s shambolic management of the withdrawal and his new found love of blood thirsty oppressors, he could rehome the refugees in the states. He has the space.

Boris and this current Conservative government continue to blunder the management of the UK Immigration system and make no attempt to leave the international treaties necessary to bring an end to the daily illegal immigration invasion of our very own shores.

It’s time that UK voters realise that the Conservatives will never control immigration simply because they don’t want to. UKIP is the only political party who will actively talk about issues such as these. Please support our petition Stop The Migrant Channel Crossings and begin the fightback against the madness of a political class intent on destroying its very own country.


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