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Alfie Evans

ALFIE EVANS MIRACLE: Tom Evans says little Alfie has been breathing unassisted for NINE hours



TOM Evans, the father of Alfie Evans, who has an undiagnosed condition says doctors have removed the life support machine for the toddler and told reporters that Alfie has been breathing unassisted for NINE hours after Alder Hey hospital in Liverpool turned of Alfie’s life support. 

He told ITV’s Good Morning Britain outside Alder Hey hospital that the toddler has been breathing unassisted for nine hours.

Yesterday, Tom was granted Italian citizenship in a bid to allow him to travel to the country to receive palliative care at the Vatican and Pope Francis has been calling for little Alfie to receive further treatment in a Vatican funded hospital.

Doctors say the 21-month-old has a “relentless and progressive” neurological condition which destroyed part of his brain, leaving Alfie unable to breathe and swallow on his own.

His parents have previously insisted they were “doing 100% for Alfie”.

They pleaded with doctors to: “take a step back and look at it from a parent’s point of view instead of a medical point of view”.

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