Alfie Evans

SAVE ALFIE: Judge BLOCKS parents right to take Alfie Evans to Italy for treatment

ALFIE Evans family has lost their legal challenge to fly the little tot to Italy for palliative treatment with the judge calling it the “final chapter in the case of this extraordinary little boy.”

Mr Justice Hayden oversaw the hearing in the Alfie Evans’ case, in the High Court in Manchester.

Alfie had surprised the world and medical professionals after it was revealed that the toddler had been breathing unassisted for nearly 24 hours after Alder Hey hospital withdrew his life support.

This morning, Alfie’s father, Tom Evans told Good Morning Britain that doctors had removed the life support machine for the toddler but revealed that the tot had been breathing unassisted for NINE hours but the judge denied the family the right to take Alfie to Rome for treatment.

Michael Mylonas QC, barrister for Alder Hey said the hospital warned parents that he could be alive for “minutes, hours or even days” after his life support was withdrawn.

The court also heard how Bambino Gesú Hospital, in Italy, said that the journey to Rome could “do further damage,” and that it could trigger “continuous seizures due to stimulations” of the flight.

A spokeswoman for the Christian Legal Centre, which is assisting Tom Evans and Kate James, said they intended to ask the judge to consider allowing medical experts in Italy to examine Alfie.

She said medics at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool had stopped providing “ventilation support” to Alfie shortly after 9 pm on Monday.

She added: “Alfie has survived much longer than the doctors predicted, lending support to the request from Alfie’s parents for Alfie to be seen by medical experts in Italy

“An air ambulance is now waiting outside Alder Hey Hospital ready to take Alfie to the hospital in Italy.”

Many have hit out at the judge’s decision with Chelsey Thompson writing on Facebook: “You make, carry and raise a child but they will never really be your own, the state owns them. Absolutely heartbreaking.”

Ashleigh Love wrote: “What is wrong with these people I honestly cannot see the harm if the parents want to move him devastated for them hang in there lil fella”

Kelly Roberts wrote: He’s been breathing on his own fighting for his life for over 21 hours and you still won’t help him I’m ashamed to be British… shame on you all that could have helped and chosen not to.”

Sarah wrote: “Alfie has defied doctors by breathing far far longer than expected. Very sadly this does not change the fact that he is still an extremely poorly little boy. His degenerative brain disease is killing him, tragically he cannot beat that. Fortunately he is in a coma so won’t be suffering. That is the only blessing here.
I hope he gains his Angel wings soon, having had precious unexpected hours with his family.”


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