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Alfie Evans

EXCLUSIVE: Gay Judge in Alfie Evans case has repeatedly ruled against Christian law firm representing sick toddler

THE Judge who ruled on the Alfie Evans case has repeatedly ruled against the Evans’ family and is a member of a Pro-gay judges group. 

Judge Hayden has repeatedly ruled against Evans’ parents because they are being represented by a Christian law firm according to sources.

The Christian Legal Centre promotes pro-life and pro-marriage and has condemned homosexuality as one of the “most significant challenges to God’s pattern for a family in today’s society.”

The revelations have called into question the impartiality of Judge Anthony Hayden who declared that Alfie Evans could not travel to Italy to receive care at a Vatican hospital in Italy.

Hayden has also co-authored a book titled Children and Same-Sex Families, a legal handbook on gay parenting, adoption, children’s rights.

The book is described as a guide for those “who provide advice and support to same-sex families.”

The CLC is a non-profit that exists “to defend Christians in the public sphere and to protect the freedom of Christians to live their lives in accordance with their Christian beliefs.”

Yesterday, Hayden once again denied the parents’ request to have Alfie flown to Italy for treatment, and the judge blasted CLC attorney Pavel Stroilov, calling him a “deluded and fanatical young man” for his advocacy on behalf of the Evans.

The Catholic Church teaches that food and water may not be removed from a sick patient if it will be the direct cause of the patient’s death but Alder Hey hospital are going against these teachings.

An air ambulance is outside Alder Hey on standby and a military plane in Italy is waiting to rush Alfie to Italy if his parents win the appeal.

The Bambino Gesu Hospital’s President said last night: “I spoke a short while ago with Thomas, At this time Alfie has an oxygen mask but we need to transport him. Hoping for diplomatic moves. We are waiting for the signal.”

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