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Alfie Evans

HELP US MA’AM: 100,000 Brits call on Queen Elizabeth to intervene in Alfie Evans case

100,000 Brits have called on Queen Elizabeth to intervene in the heartbreaking case of Alfie Evans that has gripped the nation and received backing from the Pope. 

Doctors say the 21-month-old has a “relentless and progressive” neurological condition which destroyed part of his brain, leaving Alfie unable to breathe and swallow on his own.


Last night the High Court in Manchester blocked the families request to take Alfie to Italy for palliative care, his father said they would appeal the decision.

The petition was started on behalf of Alfie’s parents by Kayleigh Price from Birkenhead.

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Many claim the way the NHS and the British court system has handled the situation is taking power away from the individual and giving it to the state.

Kayleigh said: “We the undersigned humbly petition Your Majesty for protection of life and liberty of your 23-months-old subject Alfie Evans.

“The judges in Your Majesty’s Courts have given orders to kill Alfie on an appointed hour at Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool by withdrawing his life support.

“For the day and hour of that killing to be kept secret from the public to avoid any protest or hindrance and for Alfie to be detained in Alder Hey until his death – any attempt to release him to be resisted by force, and punished by imprisonment.”

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Kayleigh said that “cruel orders” are not authorised by any law passed in a democratic Parliament.

She describes it as a “seditious usurpation against Your Majesty and the law of the land”.

Alfie’s father Tom Evans, 21 has been given Italian citizenship to go to Italy for treatment and the Pope has backed Tom’s request.

Tom said that his son was ready to go to Italy for treatment, and said an air ambulance was on standby.

“We want to go to Italy. Everyone’s ready, Alfie’s ready,” he said.

NHS doctors turned off the child’s life support against the wishes of the Pope and his parent’s with doctors claiming there was nothing more that could be done to save little Alfie.

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Remarkably, Alfie has been breathing without assistance for more than 24 hours, with many questioning NHS doctors.

Speaking outside Alder Hey in Liverpool yesterday Alfie’s father, Tom said “We are were doing what a nurse should have been doing to sustain his life.

Tom claimed that the Hospital was starving his son, and revealed it took him SIX hours to fight for fluid and oxygen for little Alfie adding he and Alfie’s mum had to give him mouth to mouth at one point because the doctors refused to give the tot oxygen.

You can sign the petition for HM Queen to intervene in the Alfie Evans case HERE, please SHARE this article to help spread the word.

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