Alfie Evans

POPE’S WRATH: Italian Embassy threatens to take LEGAL ACTION against NHS over Alfie Evans case

ITALY has threatened to take legal action against Alder Hey hospital following the Alfie Evans case that has gripped the world and received backing from Pope Francis.

Pope Francis requested earlier this week that “everything possible [is done] to save the life of the child”.

The Italian government announced they had granted Italian citizenship to the child earlier this week in a bid to Save Alfie and allow him to move to a Vatican-backed hospital in Italy for Palliative care.

The Italians said: “that being an Italian citizen will allow the child immediate transfer to Italy”.

The Christian Legal Centre, (CLC) who are representing Tom Evans and Kate James, the parents of Alfie, stated: “The Italian ambassador has urgently contacted the court with a request for the Italian government to be allowed to intervene in the case and seek the return of their citizen Alfie Evans to Italy.”

Mariella Enoc – Head of Bambino Gesu Hospital

The Italian Embassy in London said: ““If you remove the ventilator from Alfie Evans, we will file a complaint against you for the murder of an Italian citizen.”

Mariella Enoc, president of the Bambino Gesù hospital in Rome, who has been in Liverpool to support the Evans family said: “I spoke with the parents, I brought them the closeness of Pope Francis, but also of the many parents who are in their situation.”

Enoc added: “It is a country different from ours, we could not do anything else. I hope that from today a serious debate will open, not only when there is a striking fact.

We need to talk about it first in the scientific community and in the civil community, even hearing the parents who are going through this kind of experience.

If we want the good of people there can be no imposition or ideological opposition or single battles “.

Enoc was denied access to Alfie and could not directly speak to the heads of the Alder Hey.

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