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Alfie Evans

SICK STATE: Is this the real reason why the British State is MURDERING a 21-month-old toddler?

ALFIE Evans’ life support case has gripped working-class Britain, with many shocked by the British states blatant disregard for humanity and compassion, a 21-month-old is being murdered by a state-funded healthcare system and by the British legal system and we are powerless to stop it.

According to one theory by Anne Anand, who says that if this child reaches his second birthday in May, his family will be entitled to compensation for a vaccine injury.

Annad adds “The British government would have to pay for a lifetime of chronic care – so why don’t they want him released to Italy? Because then the reality of vaccine injury will be publicized all over the world.”

She adds that Alfie should have received a tracheostomy months ago so he could be taken off his sedation as they would then be able to get a good baseline of his condition.

“It’s inexcusable to have a patient intubated like this for months on end. Additionally, even if you are terminally weaning a patient, you should still give them oxygen so they are more comfortable.” said Annad.

“These parents are in their 20s. The treatment of many young couples by the medical system is horrific.

Mothers are being threatened and bullied in the hospital if they refuse erythromycin eye ointment, vitamin K, or the hepatitis B vaccine.

They are being threatened with CPS. It is becoming dangerous to give birth in hospitals.”

Annad says that if your child is severely ill and you want a second opinion, the hospital can petition a judge and take over custody of your child.

“This is insane. We are living in a medical police state.”

Today UKIP’s leader Gerrard Batten called out the British states spiral into totalitarianism.

Batten said: “Alfie Evans should have a right to life, not a duty to die at the behest of the state.

He added that the court judgement and the medical decision is like a ‘gateway to totalitarianism.’

“The state [has] no right state had no right to tell parents, ‘You will not get your kid back even for alternative health care until we are sure he is dead.’”

He called on politicians from all sides to speak out on the case adding that the court judgement was ‘a gateway to totalitarianism.’

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