Alfie Evans

ON HIS SIDE: UKIP’s Gerard Batten BACKS fight for Alfie Evans and SLAMS Courts

UKIP’s new leader Gerard Batten has spoken out against the British state and has said the sick tot should have ‘a right to life.’

Batten said: “Alfie Evans should have a right to life, not a duty to die at the behest of the state.

This court judgement and the medical decision is like a gateway to totalitarianism.”

Batten said that the state had no right to tell parents, ‘You will not get your kid back even for alternative health care until we are sure he is dead.’

He called on Politicians to speak out on the case adding that the court judgement was ‘a gateway to totalitarianism.’

“We are talking about the right to life of a young child, and the right of his parent to protect him from a healthcare and legal system gone astray.” said Batten

“Quite outrageously, our healthcare and legal systems are now preventing freely giving care to a living child.

The dismissal by the court of the wishes of Alfie’s parents, and the refusal to allow help by the cooperative Italian government is beyond the pale of human rationality and decency.

We must call a stop to this, and give Alfie a chance to live in the arms of his parents. Alfie should not be a ward of the court or of the state.”

An air ambulance in the UK and a military plane in Italy are both on standby to rush Alfie to a Vatican-backed hospital in Rome.

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