FIGHTING FOR BRITAIN: Tommy Robinson and Democratic Football Lads Alliance To DEFEND Statues From Antifa On June 13th

TOMMY Robinson and the Democratic Football Lads Alliance is set to join a planned anti-Antifa protest in London on Saturday following attacks on British statues and British police officers.

The group plan to “defend” the statues and will be joined by British Army servicemen and ex-forces in response to Black Lives Matter and Antifa attacks on British landmarks.

An Anti-Antifa protest is also planned for Central Manchester at 11am too on the same day for those who cannot get down to London.

The events due to take place in Manchester and London intends to be a peaceful response to Antifa anarchy and welcomes and all colours, creeds and orientations, those seeking to cause violence have been warned to ‘stay away’.

Violence at the events will only give the mainstream media the narrative they want, and Politicalite urges protesters to stay peaceful in the face of the violent left.

The protest hopes to give a balance to the biased coverage and reaction to the death of criminal thug George Floyd, who left-wing UK Antifa protesters have been using to further their own gains.

If you’re tired of Black Lives Matter having the spotlight, tired of Antifa thugs ripping apart our historic Capital, then come on down to London on Saturday, wear a mask and stay 2 metres apart.

It’s time to send a message to the left. This is OUR Britain, and THEY won’t halt the populist revolution taking place in the west.

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