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POLL: 51% of Politicalite Readers Say ‘They have no faith in Boris Johnson to run Britain’



FIFTY One percent of Politicalite readers say they have no faith in Boris Johnson to lead Britain following race riots and a weak reaction to Marxist Black Lives Matter protesters. 

Boris Johnson was also slammed after tarring all right-wing protesters including Ex-Service Men and Veterans as ‘racist thugs’ and ‘bovver boys’ following a right-wing protest to protect British history and culture on Saturday. 

Politicalite polled 1,469 readers and asked “Do you still have faith in Boris Johnson to lead the country?

51% said NO and 49% said YES

SOURCE: Politicalite Twitter Poll 14/6/2020


Boris Johnson doesn’t mind using racist terminology and dog-whistle politics when it suits him though. He is as much to blame for the can of worms he and his tabloid ilk have opened in Britain. 

The protest was marred by a small minority of thugs who attacked brave Met Police officer trying to keep groups apart and prevent a full-on riot, but its only these so-called ‘bovver boys’ who will fight to protect Britain’s culture whilst keyboard tory activists sit at home and do nothing but complain online all day.  


RIGHT Wing protesters came out in force on Saturday, to stand up to the left. You may find these working-class lads distasteful, but they are the only ones willing to stand up to the Antifa-linked Black Lives Matter movement that’s trying to erase British history and destroy our great culture and heritage. 

Now is the time to listen to what those who are usually branded “far right thugs” have to say. Instead of labelling them Nazis. 

Outside the Westminster Bubble, the silent majority see these sorts of people as everyday working-class men and women defending Britain, but our elitist media – in an attempt to crush the lower-classes smears them as racist thugs. 


I did not always think this way, I once thought of these folk as racists, but when the left started to brand me a “Nazi” – a mixed race person, I saw the smears for what they are.

Like it or not, but the radical left are winning the culture wars, and as usual with any British conflict, it’s the working class who fight for Britain’s freedom. 

It’s the working-class who voted for the anti-EU dream of Brexit. 

It’s time to stop using the working-class as pawns, and actually represent them. 

Britain has a bright future ahead, but it will never see the light unless it has the balls to be proud of our history and heritage and starts dumping the politically correct world. 


Now is the time for Boris Johnson and fellow Tories to take the mantle from the so-called far-right, and stand up for Britain, it’s heritage, culture and history, or our country will be lost forever. 

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