AL QUDS 2019: World-Wide Photos Show Day Of TERROR

PHOTOGRAPHS Taken during this week’s Al Quds Day celebrations have exposed a world-wide hatred among Muslim countries towards Jews, Trump and the West. 

As the piles of burnt American flags and effigies of Presidents and prominent Jews still lay smoldering, Politicalite takes a look at some of the worrying images taken across the world, as Muslims took to the streets to carry out their annual antisemitic, pro-terrorism marches of hate. 

The anti-American protests went on well into the night across the Muslim World.

A ‘demonstrator’ holds a bloodied doll of Donald Trump in Afghanistan.

Muslims burn a Trump effigy in Iraq.

Hanging an effigy of Israel in Tehran.

Anti-Israel banners in London.

Children are often radicalised or exploited to deliver anti-Western propaganda.

Soldiers stamp on Israeli and American flags in Iran.

LONDON: Anti-semistim is often cloaked by anti-Zionism.

Pro-Hezbollah Muslims take to the streets in London.

An effigy of the U.S. President Donald Trump is set on fire during in Tehran, Iran.

Huge crowds burn an effigy of Trump in Afghanistan.

More scenes of hate in Iran.

Flags were burned across the Muslim world.

Counter protests in Germany.

Police arrested none of the extremists in London, yet arrested peaceful counter-protesters such as Danny Tommo, pictured.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Newspaniard

    June 4, 2019 at 15:25

    All these protests against Israel but not prepared to enhance the sh1tholes in which they live. Israel is an excuse for not working. When Israel was formed, the UN said that no refugees should remain stateless except the sympathy vote for 500,000 old men who claimed that their properties had been confiscated. Since then, most of the original half million have settled down or died but now there are 5 million who profess to be Palestinian “refugees” and use their status as an excuse for not working and use their hate book (the koran) to blame Jews for all their problems. There are some very rich Palestinians among the terrorists who run their “country”.

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