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AS A young child my mother often taught me of the war. She sat us down to watch the world at war series and many other documentaries – not just of WW2, but many historical events. As the saying goes ‘if you don’t know history then you are doomed to repeat it’.

My mother believed it to be important that her children knew of the horrors our brave men faced, of the sacrifices made by heroic men so that we might have our today.

On June 6th, 1944 more than 150,000 British, American and Canadian soldiers stormed the gates of hell at the beaches of Normandy after 5 long years at war. These men did so not knowing the horrors that awaited them; not knowing if they’d make it home to their loved ones.

THE GATE TO HELL: Soldiers disembark to fight unrivaled horrors.

Thousands of men didn’t survive the day, and the sea ran red with blood. mothers lost sons, children lost fathers, and wives lost their husbands. They did so for you and I.

Often, as we go about our daily lives, we don’t always appreciate that we live with liberty, free from tyranny, how different it could have all been if it wasn’t for the bravery of those that fought 6 long grueling years at war.

Even a birdseye view cannot capture the scale of the Normandy landings.

We often forget that today wasn’t a given. When we stroll through the park with our children, take holidays with our friends, see the beautiful wonders of the world, and marry the loves of our lives, we forget that we wouldn’t have these simple yet magnificent moments had our men not fought so selflessly.

They gave their today for our tomorrow and that is why I will always teach my son about the bravery of our veterans, of the fallen, and the families of the fallen.

As I type this, my son is asleep comfortably in his bed with not a worry in the world. He does so only due to the sacrifices made during the war.

We will be forever grateful and have love in our hearts for the brave men at Normandy and all those that fought during the war. Never will we forgot.

From my family to yours THANK YOU.

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