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HBO’s “The Deuce” will give you a hard thrust of 70s reality

GRAB a towel! because you will certainly need a shower after “The Deuce” – a HBO hit to rank alongside greats such as The Sopranos and The Wire. 

The Duece tells a true to life story of New York’s Mob, Pimps, and Hookers in the early days of a ‘legalized’ porn industry.

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Set in 1971, viewers will be dumped into the crime-ridden streets surrounding Times Square, where part of the area was then known as “The Deuce” in which sex was traded openly, night and day, rain or shine.

The show stars James Franco, who effortlessly plays twin brothers Vincent and Frankie Martino and native New Yorker, Maggie Gyllenhaal who plays a ‘pimpless’ Go-getting Hooker and has plans to take over the porn industry, 

The series also tackles homophobia, police corruption, sex trafficking and the untamed vice of New York City.

After a slow burn, the Deuce hits you with the fact that there isn’t a magnificent story curve, it’s already happening – it is told “as is” – as seen on the street, through the eyes of the working girls and their pimps, who often display brutal violence and sexism.

The brutal pimps are shown as freeloading predators who prey on their “commodity” -one scene in Leon’s, a local diner – drives this home and shows a conversation between two of the pimps. 

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They openly discuss the trading of a sixteen-year-old girl in a way that will make you angry, but don’t worry, as in episode seven, chef Leon will sure as hell serve up some rough justice.

Midway through the season, viewers are introduced to the recently “legalized” porn and sex industry, the girls are being moved from the street into “Massage Parlours” and court cases concerning adult movies are starting to be thrown out of New York’s courts.

The series manages to take the shine out of life and gives viewers a good hard thrust of reality, often uncomfortable to watch. 

The Deuce is a clash of raw human life, reality, sexuality and culture, simply put, it you are handed the “rotten” side of the Big Apple. 

The Deuce: 4/5 Stars

The Deuce airs Tuesday nights at 10 pm on Sky Atlantic.
Previous episodes are available On Demand.

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