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BAD NEWS: Remember when the likes of Russell Howard and Eminem were relevant?

RUSSELL HOWARD was once the British version of John Stewart. He was edgy, funny and relevant – but after his return to TV on Sky earlier this month with ‘The Russell Howard Hour,’ it seems Russell has been left in the PBPTW. (Pre-Brexit, Pre-Trumpian World.)

There’s just something that becomes instantly striking when comedians try to be edgy and funny in relation to politics these days. They are put into two groups – There’s the Establishment group (Anti-Brexit, Anti-Trump) and the people who are trying to fight against the Establishment.

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You see, Howard now appears to cater for one audience – The Establishment of Remoaners and Clinton supporters – his comedic bias has become so bad, that it’s painful to watch and destroys most of his show.

I’m not trying to say Howard isn’t allowed to laugh at Brexiteers, Trump and the right – I’m saying he should put a little balance into his work for the sake of being fucking funny. 

If all we are given is the bashing of Trump and the bashing of Brexiteers – people will simply get bored and turn off, because that’s all any so-called ‘star’  is doing these days.

We have become so tired of the Elitist media thinking its edgy, thinking its cool to bash the right. Well, do you know what? We are the ones leading the Brexit revolution, the Anti-PC, Anti-Globalist re-birth of society, we are the edgy ones – we are the new counter-culture and if you fail to cater to our needs – we will just turn off, and Howard, that isn’t good if you are working for advertiser-funded Sky.

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Across the pond this week, Eminem SOLD OUT his fans and attacked Donald Trump, in the late 1990s – Eminem used to rap about how bad the Clinton establishment was, now he has become part of the machine. Yes, Eminem is now part of the globalist machine that wanted Clinton in the White House.

That machine controls our news, publishing houses, Hollywood and the Entertainment industry. Damn Eminem, How edgy! Man, I love it when a once relevant rap icon joins the mainstream culture he once opposed, I wonder if he has a new album coming out to warrant such a publicity stunt?

I rarely watch mainstream media now, nothing is funny, nothing has any substance – all the relevant stuff is on Social Media, it’s on Facebook, YouTube and it’s on Twitter. Russell Howard and Eminem are metaphors for how both the British and American mainstream lost its edge.

Just this week, the New York Times has been exposed for employing an employee who openly flouted his left-wing bias, ratings for CNN, ABC News, CBS News are all DOWN.

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People en-masse are turning to Alternative media, the problem has become SO BAD that believe it or not Alex Jones’ and his InfoWars is getting MORE VIEWERS AND LISTENERS THAN EVER.

Yes, this is what you have done Russell, you are making people watch a conspiracy entertainer to find humour in the left, and let me tell you – despite the Gay Frogs and Trendies – it aint all that bad.

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