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UK EXCLUSIVE: Lauren Southern Holds Successful Event In Australia Despite Radical Left’s Best Efforts

LAUREN Southern and Stefan Molyneux held an official event in Melbourne as part of an Australian tour this weekend after repeated cancellations thanks the radical left. 

Southern, who was BANNED from entering the UK earlier this year – sparking a free speech crisis headed to Australia to spread the message that ‘being white’ was ok.

The event was held at a convention Centre in Melbourne after the organiser’s Axiomatic Events had so many venues cancel on them thanks to leftist threats.

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Ever since they announced their Australian tour Melbourne’s Campaign Against Racism and Fascism (CARF) had been vowing to protest outside the eventual venue.

The venue was kept secret for as long as possible but CARF bragging about their dedication to disrupting the event learnt that morning that the venue would be in the Broadmeadows area and they would be training it into that station.

Politicalite‘s Australian affiliate, The Unshackled had reporters both in and outside the venues.

Inside the walls of the La Mirage, it didn’t take a long time for protesters inside the venue to make themselves heard. In fact, three separate protesters, all women, were dragged out struggling after disrupting the event’.

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A protester was taken down as she attempted to storm the stage and attack Lauren Southern. As she struggled with security, she was recorded screaming “I love refugees” and “I love Muslims” before being thrown out. Security for the evening certainly made sure they were alert at all times.

At our stall inside the venue, we interviewed attendees about why they were coming, what they liked about Southern and Molyneux’s work and what they thought about the left’s efforts to shut the event down. There were plenty of Make America Great Again caps as well people wearing provocative right-wing slogans, including the wearing of a pepe lapel.

To ensure they got the event safely the location of the event was not disclosed, and attendees had to meet in a separate location in the city to then be shuttled to the event itself. These security measures were undermined when the event was location was publicly disclosed, leading to CARF protestors assembling outside the premises, shouting slurs at invitees and ultimately blocking the road including one of the shuttle buses. Thanks to some fantastic work on behalf of police and security, no one was injured and the protest was moved along before the guests exited the premises.

Stefan’s’s talk was not interrupted by protesters interestingly enough, despite what some consider to be more incendiary points of view than those of Lauren Southern, and ultimately the rest of the evening played out rather smoothly.

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