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TENSION BREWING: Don’t Buy Our Tea Unless You Support Antifa, Says Yorkshire Tea

YORKSHIRE Tea sparked controversy on Twitter after telling one of its local customers not to buy the companies tea bags after she revealed she did not support Black Lives Matter. 

Anarchist Antifa that has been banned by President Trump and supports Black Lives Matter thugs who have looted and vandalised cities across the world has been facing a backlash in recent days. 

Whilst many agree the death of George Floyd was unnecessary, many are angry at the continued lawlessness and vandalism amid the Coronavirus pandemic. 

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Harrogate based company told local lass Laura “not to buy” their tea again after she tweeted: “I’m dead chuffed that Yorkshire Tea hasn’t supported BLM. ”

Yorkshire Tea replied: “Please don’t buy our tea again.”

“We’re taking some time to educate ourselves and plan proper action before we post. We stand against racism.” 

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Yorkshire Tea is the latest company to get behind the far-left anti-Trump Black Lives Matter. 

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson slammed big corporations for funding “Black Lives Matter”. 

He claimed that corporations donating to BLM are paying for riots that annihilate small businesses.” 

Carlson quoted Martin Luther King Jr: “a riot is the voice of the unheard,” adding: “The rioters burning down your city with the support of virtually everyone richer than you, are ‘unheard’, you, by contrast, are the oppressor and if you disagree in any way, we are going to fire you and wreck your life.”

The group want the Police ‘disbanded’ and are calling for segregation and black-controlled areas in America. 

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The group has six demands: “To end the War on Black people.” calls for “Reparations for past and continuing harms.”

Demands “Divestment from the institutions that criminalize, cage and harm black people; and investment in the education, health and safety of black people.” 

Asks for “Economic justice for all and a reconstruction of the economy to ensure our communities have collective ownership, not merely access.”

Wants “Community control of the laws, institutions and policies that most impact us.” and calls for “Independent black political power and black self-determination in all areas of society.” 

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Yesterday Black Lives Matter forced Minneapolis Council to disband the police, causing chaos and fear among locals who fear lawlessness. 

The cities council President also said “I Can Imagine a Police-Free Future”. 

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