WHO’S RACIST: David Kurten Hit With Vile Racist Abuse From Black Lives Matter Goons

DAVID Kurten AM, a Brexit Alliance member of the London Assembly, has revealed the tide of vile racist abuse he has been subjected too for not supporting what he calls the “Marxist agenda” of Black Lives Matter:

Kurten has spoken out against Black Lives Matter on numerous occasions.

He has also criticised the mainstream media for ignoring the “silent majority” of people who abhor the violence perpetrated by Black Lives Matter and Antifa. and debunked the myth that the UK is in any way “systematically racist”:

The UK is one of the best places in the world to be a black person or other ethnic minority. There is equal opportunity for all and there is a long culture and tradition of freedom, although this is being eroded steadily by the political correctness of the ‘progressive’ Left and their practice of repressive tolerance: Tolerance for ‘progressive’ ideologies, and repression for those with conservative, Christian and traditional values.

In his time as an Assembly Member he has been a constant critic of London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

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