EXCLUSIVE: Bolton Conservatives ‘Condemn’ Activist Who ‘Threatened’ UKIP Candidate

A TORY-Linked troll who ‘attacked’ a young UKIP candidate with threatening communications and a campaign of abuse on social media, has been condemned by the local Conservative Party.

Chris Banks, 39, who was fired from his first day of work in 2016, and now runs the ‘Bolton Clowncil’ Facebook campaign group, ‘spat his dummy out’ after his Facebook fans told him they would be voting UKIP, in response to the Tory Government’s Brexit Betrayal.

Mr Banks began a ‘shocking’ campaign of abuse against Ryan Wood, a local UKIP candidate, UKIP members, and even the Editor of Politicalite.

GET A LIFE: Angry Internet Troll Chris Banks

Last week, Politicalite revealed that the leader of a local Tory campaign group had threatened local UKIP candidate, Ryan Wood, simply for choosing to stand in the upcoming local elections.

Banks, 39 told Mr Wood, 19 that he would follow his career for the rest of his life to “ensure you get nowhere.” He then attacked the editor of Politicalite, Jordan James – doxxed his mother, and attacked Jordan’s family members with accusations that attempted to link Politicalite, and Bolton UKIP to the ‘EDL’, despite that fact that Jordan was never a member of the EDL.

The local Conservatives attempted to ‘condemn’ Mr Banks and his actions, and even tried to claim that they had ‘no links’ to him or his Bolton ‘Clowncil’ page, but sources claimed that the Bolton Tories ‘had links’ to Banks, adding that he had subjected councillors and others to similar attacks and abuse ‘for years.’

Another source also claimed that local Tory candidate Beverly Fletcher, who is standing against Wood in Breightmet, runs a Facebook page titled ‘Bolton – Love Bolton’, a page that page regularly shares posts by ‘Bolton Clowncil’, just minutes after they are published by Banks.

IN CAHOOTS?  Local Tory Candidate Bev Fletcher

Bolton Conservatives added: “Chris Banks is not a member of the Conservative Party and no member of our party has any contribution via admin to the Page.”

They added: “No party can prevent endorsements, but we, in no way, condone any threatening or abusive behaviour of any kind.”

“I can assure you many of our candidates and councillors have been on the receiving end of such abuse from third parties and such behaviour is completely unacceptable.”

More follows.

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