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WATCH: Muslim GANG ATTACK Tommy Robinson Campaign Rally in Bolton

TOMMY Robinson hit Bolton on Saturday as part of his campaign across the North West of England to be the regions MEP in the upcoming European Elections.

The controversial figure received a great reception from locals and fans who gathered on the Breightmet estate.

Those who attended the rally seemed to agree with what Britain’s most popular and most censored political figure had to say.

The Bolton News

Tommy described Breightmet as a “real estate” and added that it represented “real Britain”.

We are here because I know counter-protestors won’t come on estates like this.

“We are here because these are the real estates.”

“This is a real British public, the people who live real lives, who understand the real problems, the people who have been betrayed in every town and city.”

He added that if he gets voted in as an MEP, the European Union is going “kick us” out straight away.

“If we get the people these estates, 75 per cent of our country are working class, they are from our background,” said Tommy.

“96% per cent of those traitors in Parliament are middle class, their children are privately educated, they know nothing about the lives we live, they are not us and they do not care.

“I can guarantee you if I’m voted in, when I’m voted in, Tommy is going to be your MEP.”


Away from the rally Muslim groups describing themselves as the MDL (Muslim Defence League) attempted to stir up trouble, allegedly chanting ‘Allah Akbar’ with local police being forced to block roads and form a line to keep them at bay as opposing groups of English footy lads shouted ‘Bolton Til I Die’.

Twitter: Baggy Khan

A Source told Politicalite that Police were called to a local branch of Co-op yards away from the rally in Toronto Street after multiple groups of Muslim men calling themselves the ‘MDL’ allegedly ‘attacked’ innocent bystanders who they thought were “Tommy Robinson Supporters”.

A Twitter user going by the name of ‘Baggy Khan’ wrote: “Muslim youth went breightmet, Bolton where 400 tommy Robinson fans were.”

The Muslim youths allegedly chanted ‘Allah Akbar’ among other Islamic chants.

One Twitter user hit back: “Going there for trouble.. will (obviously) get ran and the media will cry about Tommy running youths, shocking.”

Another added: “All I can see is a bunch of thugs walking down the road shouting some crap.”

“Yeah there were 40 or 50 kids on the car park shouting god is great. Not there long. You managed to scare the neighbour and shop staff, so ye well-done kids.” added another.

More follows.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ekser

    May 13, 2019 at 10:09

    Let them continue to show their true colours. It might wake up all the sleeping zombies. Also worth mentioning is the policeman who appears and starts manhandling the Tommy supporters, and saying to one person, out of nowhere, “You don’t like me because I am a Muslim? Well guess what, I am a police officer and I am telling you to get back” as he very roughly pushes one of them in the street.

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