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ANTI-BORIS Protestors Assault And SPIT At Passerby

A LEAVE voter claims to have been physically and verbally abused by vile far-left anti-Brexit/anti-Boris campaigners outside the Tory conference in Manchester.

Speaking exclusively to Politicalite, David Foxx said: “About mid day this afternoon I was walking past the the protests after the gym.

“As I was walking past the protesters one had a sign that said ‘tories out’, and another that said ‘Boris lied to the queen’. I made eye contact with one and shook my head. She immediately said ‘what’s your problem?’, so I said that he [Boris Johnson] didn’t lie to the Queen. She said yes he did, and that I ‘know nothing’.

“I asked her if she’d read the supreme court ruling – it blatantly said the total opposite.”

In typical remainer/leftie fashion, with her back against the ropes and finding herself unable to answer the very valid point, Mr. Foxx then claims that the woman assaulted him.

“She then just said ‘shut up you nazi scum’ and spat in my face. Her friend did too, but she missed.

I shouted back at her, as I was angry, and we had a bit of an exchange before a police officer came over and said he thought it would be best if I left the area. I said to the officer that she just spat in my face. He said sorry I didn’t see that, and that it looked like I was here to cause trouble.

“I said I just asked her a question and she did this. The cop then said, I understand that but you are here in a place sectioned off for protesters. I said I’ve just come from the gym and I can only get through this way, to which he just said ‘please leave’.

“I’m not confrontational so I left. But I was fuming. I got was a picture from across the road of one of the women involved.

David has now filed a complaint with Greater Manchester Police.

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