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Boris Johnson

BRAZEN HYPOCRISY: Remoaners Call For BoJo To Be Sent To JAIL While Traitor MPs Conspire With The EU

The former director of public prosecutions, Lord Macdonald, said that Prime Minister Boris Johnson could face prison if he refuses to seek an extension to the Brexit negotiations beyond October 31.

In a conversation with Sky News journalist Rob Powell, Baron Macdonald of River Glaven commented that the current ongoing court action could lead to a court order compelling Mr Johnson to seek an extension or face prison. If the Prime Minister refused to comply, then he could be held in contempt of court which under convention carries a prison sentence.

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The reporter asked Lord Macdonald if this was “an extreme outcome”.

Lord Macdonald replied, “no, it’s not an extreme outcome. It is by convention that if you are found guilty of contempt of court of defying a court order you are jailed.”

The Prime Minister has received several setbacks in Parliament and the threat of prison time caps off a dreadful week for Mr Johnson.

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The threat of imprisonment comes after it emerged this month that senior anti-Brexit MPs sought assurances from EU representatives that they would support a three-month negotiation extension. The revelation led to some commentators accusing the so-called Rebel Alliance MPs of committing treason.

Former UKIP Leader Gerard Batten called for a new law, “similar to the clause in the US Constitution which makes it treason for a public official or an elected representative to treat with a foreign power without authorisation.”

It seems that the Rebel Alliance, far from behaving like its Star Wars namesake, is colluding with the Empire to keep a wayward sector in line.

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In a chaotic week, the Prime Minister appears to have few options left to achieve Brexit on October 31. However, this month the former head of the Libertarian Alliance Dr Sean Gabb suggested that Mr Johnson could use the Civil Contingencies Act (2004) to take the UK out on October 31.

Will the Empire strike back, or is there a new hope?

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