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HATE THY NEIGHBOUR: Socialists, Set-Ups, And What ‘REALLY’ Happened

THE ULTRA left-wing rag The Guardian and the vile politically, perhaps even financially-motivated neighbours involved in what Johnson’s partner, Carrie Symonds has described as a ‘left-wing stitch-up’ have issued a clearly false narrative in a new attempt to cover-up the blatant gutter tactics they employed to smear the soon-to-be PM over a recent bedroom barney. 

Die-hard remainer and – along with extreme socialist partner Eve Leigh – openly staunch anti-Boris Labour droog Tom Penn, 29, tried to downplay his and the Guardian’s plot to smear Boris Johnson, saying that he simply called the police after knocking on Carrie’s door yet receiving no reply – and has insisted (as published by, wait for it… The Guardian itself) that leaking a recording to a hateful left-wing newspaper was “in the public interest”.

SNAKES: Carrie’s politically-motivated neighbours.

The low-life opportunist – a playwright like Leigh – said: “It was loud enough and angry enough that I felt frightened and concerned for the welfare of those involved, so I went inside my own home, closed the door, and pressed record on the voice memos app on my phone.

“After a loud scream and banging, followed by silence, I ran upstairs, and with my wife agreed that we should check on our neighbours.

One can imagine the ACTUAL series of events that took place that night fairly easily. It is an image of Penn (who has been seen supporting hateful anti-Boris posters plastered around the pro-EU street) sat next to Eve (who has openly opposed the Tories and who just days ago bragged on social media that she had intimidated Johnson outside Carrie’s home by flipping him the middle finger) cuddled up on the sofa; the business card from a Guardian reporter ready in waiting on a nearby side table. Some raised voices are heard from the flat belonging to the man they openly hate. He turns, almost excitedly to his equally enthused partner. This is their moment – the moment the curtain-twitching, drinking-glass-to-wall vindictive socialists have been waiting for. 

Rushing downstairs he gleefully begins to record the perfectly normal ruckass on his mobile phone, perhaps giving Carrie’s door a gentle rapping to cover his tracks before rushing back upstairs. 

“Call the Guardian!” he cries, giddy as a school boy. “Have we got the b*stard?” Eve enquires with a grin, almost choking on her mug of skinny chai latte. 

One of the vile posters placed opposite Carrie’s home to intimidate the couple.

Whether they made the decision to call the police for added shock value themselves or whether the Guardian advised them to, is unclear. But, if you are to take Penn’s clearly deceitful words as gospel (and we shouldn’t) then in fact he was simply ‘worried’; a concerned neighbour who – despite despising the PM front-runner – became suddenly overwhelmed with good intent and a will to help – help by contacting the most left-wing, anti-Boris newspaper on the planet, that is. 

“I knocked three times at their front door, but there was no response” Penn has now claimed. “I went back upstairs into my flat, and we agreed that we should call the police.”

In the recording that the awful anti-Brexit neighbours , Mr Johnson can allegedly be heard refusing to leave the flat and telling his girlfriend to “get off my f***ing laptop” before a loud crash is heard.

Mr Penn – who admitted voting Remain – then added: “To be clear, the recordings were of the noise within my own home. My sole concern up until this point was the welfare and safety of our neighbours. I hope that anybody would have done the same thing.

“Once clear that no one was harmed, I contacted the Guardian, as I felt it was of important public interest. (As you do).

A CAMPAIGN OF HARASSMENT: Local residents also place hurtful anti-Boris posters on Johnson’s own car.

“I believe it is reasonable for someone who is likely to become our next prime minister to be held accountable for all of their words, actions and behaviours.”

Neighbour Julie Gillings has been one of few living on the ultra-left London street to call-out Penn’s and Leigh’s politically-motivated actions, accusing the pair of “dirty tricks” by leaking the recording.

She blasted: “It’s an invasion of privacy and dirty-handed tricks – I don’t care if they’re Labour or whatever party they belong to.

“I would hate that. I just think it’s bad, it’s really bad – phone the police, but don’t record it.

“If that was my next door neighbour, I’d never speak to him again.”

To be honest, if my husband spilled red wine on my settee I’d do more than shout at him.”

Another resident protests outside Carrie’s home.

Scotland Yard said last night the pair were “safe and well” and no offences had been committed.

A spokesman said: “At 00.24hrs, police responded to a call from a resident in the SE5 area of Camberwell.

Police attended and spoke to all occupants of the address who were all safe and well.

There were no offences or ­concerns apparent to the officers and there was no cause for police action.”

It also emerged on Saturday that New York-born Eve, 34, had made a series of anti-Tory tweets on her account dating back to the Occupy London protests in 2012 when Boris was the capital’s mayor.

A tweet posted on her recently-deleted Twitter account said: “Just gave Boris Johnson the finger.”

On Saturday, anti-Boris posters were plastered on fences opposite Carrie’s flat.

One was even left on Mr Johnson’s car — next to two parking tickets.

Decorated with stars from the EU flag, the posters say: “We’d rather endure him as our neighbour than our Prime Minister.”

The Guardian was complicit in the Boris/Carrie stitch-up.

And 300 locals are today planning an anti-Boris rally to coincide with a dog show.

Cambridge graduate Eve is the daughter of late American composer Mitch Leigh and artist mother Abby.

In January, she wrote a play for pro-European event Brexit Stage Left — a “festival of staged readings of provocative cutting-edge plays from across the EU”.

Her social media has accused Theresa May of having “insanely cruel policies towards immigrants, poor people and people of colour”.

In February 2018, a tweet said: “The government have blood on their hands after Grenfell.

And now? If this cladding is the best the poor deserve then fit Downing Street with it.” In November 2017, a re-tweeted comment said: “Today’s debate: Has Boris Johnson set men in politics back decades?”

Owen Jones is a renowned vicious Labour troll and Corbyn-worshiper.

The previous July, there was a re-tweet of a plea by Guardian columnist Owen Jones urging people to donate to the local Labour candidate. It said: “We can replace Boris Johnson with a Labour MP. Just imagine. Please donate here — and make history.”

A source in the camp of Tory leadership front-runner Boris said: “The local hatred to Boris and Carrie has been ramped up recently. That’s why they feel it’s a stitch-up.

Carrie is now really frightened and cannot believe this has happened over such a minor matter.

She and Boris will not be going back there as they are too worried about the hostility they faced.

They know Eve and her partner — and Eve has given Boris the finger on at least one occasion in the street.”

The spat came just hours after he had emerged victorious in the final round ballot of MPs in the Conservative leadership battle. On the same day, Carrie — a victim in 2007 of black cab rapist John Worboys — had seen her attacker plead guilty to four new charges of drugging women.

MONSTER: Worboys.

A source said: “Boris spilt red wine on the sofa at the end of a long day — and they had a row which then died down.

Carrie grabbed the laptop because she was moving things due to the red wine spillage.

There was an argument – but it was the sort that couples up and down the country have all the time without police racing around.

Police were called mid-row and by the time they got there a few minutes later, it had ended.

When the police turned up they seemed bemused and didn’t really appear to know what they were doing there.

LOVED-UP: Johnson and Symonds on a night out at a Tory social event.

They stayed for a few minutes and could see everyone was OK and calm and then left.

The police did not have time to listen to the recording, and they even joked with Carrie about how best to get red wine stains out of a sofa.

There is no disputing they had an argument and she shouted at him — but that’s all it was. Carrie had also had a really difficult day with the new Worboys convictions.”

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