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BOJO NO GO: Boris ‘WON’T resign if members back him’ as LEGAL bid launched

BORIS Johnson has said he doesn’t want to resign as Prime Minister if members back him as a high court legal bid is launched to take on Tory rebels.

The PM told Boris on the Ballot backer Lord Cruddas that he wishes he could “wipe away” his resignation as TEN THOUSAND members backed a bid to for a vote on his future.

Lord Cruddas

The news comes as a legal bid to allow Tory members to keep Boris Johnson in Downing Street could be decided on in just two days, campaigners have revealed.

The Express reported hopes are high that members will be given a chance to reverse the “coup” by Tory MPs against a leader who less than three years ago won a mandate from 14 million British voters.

David C. Bannerman told that the campaign to give members a vote had recruited a “top QC”.

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He said: “There are good grounds for a legal challenge I understand. We’ll know more in a couple of days.”

While official party lists suggest there are 160,000 members of the party, estimates suggest this has fallen to 120,000.


AN EXCLUSIVE poll by Politicalite has revealed a whopping 81% of readers think the Tories should put Boris on the Ballot.

We asked “Should Boris Johnson be on the final ballot?” in a poll of 1,405 people.

81% said YES 19% said NO.

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The results came as the campaign to get Boris on the Ballot gained even more traction with over 7,000 Tory members signing a petition calling for a say on Boris’ future as PM.


THOUSANDS of Tory Party members have now written to the parties chairman demanding that Boris Johnson is added to the final ballot of the leadership contest. 

Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak will be on the final ballot, but an army of five thousands angry members who are dismayed at the removal of the democratically elected Prime Minister of the UK want their vote recognised.

Tory donor David C Bannerman revealed the news on Twitter, after the campaign gathered momentum. 

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Bannerman tweeted: “This is the Conservative Party Constitution. Note Article 17 where the Board can do anything that it wants in best interests of the party. Like put Boris on the ballot.”

Yesterday, Telegraph political correspondent Christopher Hope revealed that the members – all of whom have to give their membership numbers when they sign up – are backing a petition organised by Tory donor Lord Cruddas  and former Conservative MEP David Campbell-Bannerman.

The signatories are invited to support the following statement: “I demand Boris Johnson is added to the ballot as an option for the members to vote upon in the forthcoming election.”

Lord Cruddas says under the party’s constitution it can add Mr Johnson’s name to the ballot. 

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Lord Cruddas told Hope: “The membership wants the option of voting for Boris on the final ballot. “

“We think it is only fair because Boris was the members choice back in 2019 and he has been constructively removed by the Parliamentary Party without referral to the membership.”

“By adding Boris to the final ballot to make it a three horse race means that the winner will have the backing of the membership.

“There will be no ambiguity around the result and the final choice of leader will have integrity.” 

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One Tory donor is withholding a £500,000 donation to the party over the fiasco.

Lord Cruddas, also behind calls to get Boris on the Ballot told the Sunday Times: “I planned to donate a total of £500,000 this year but that is on hold and will not be paid unless the membership have a chance to vote on Boris being PM.”

“I have no interest in Rishi who I deem to be not fit for high office due to his plotting and the orchestrated way he and others resigned to remove the PM.”

More follows. 

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