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EXCLUSIVE: New poll reveals 81% say Tories should put Boris on the Ballot  

A POLL by Politicalite has revealed a whopping 81% of readers think the Tories should put Boris on the Ballot.

We asked “Should Boris Johnson be on the final ballot?” in a poll of 1,405 people.

81% said YES 19% said NO.

The results came as the campaign to get Boris on the Ballot gained even more traction with over 10,000 Tory members signing a petition calling for a say on Boris’ future as PM.

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Those leading the campaign, former Conservative MEP David C Bannerman and Lord Cruddas teased “more news” would be revealed this week.

Sources also told Politicalite that members plan to take a Boris on the Ballot campaign bus to the Tory Leadership race hustings taking place across the country over the next six weeks. 


BORIS Johnson has told aides he’ll be Prime Minister again “within a year” as a petition to get him on the ballot gained thousands more signatures.

Boris Johnson, October 23, 2020

David C Bannerman – who is leading the campaign along with Lord Cruddas told Politicalite that the petition to get the PM on the final ballot hit a whopping 10,000 – with more news teased “very soon”. 

The update came as the Prime Minister told Downing Street aides that he’ll be PM again within a year. 

Tim Montgomerie made the claims on Twitter.

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The petition gained traction despite a Tory Lord claiming that members should be removed from the Tory Leadership process.

Writing in The Times of London: Lord Daniel Finklestein said:”A return to MPs choosing their party leader would have prevented the twin fiascos of Corbyn and Johnson.”

The row was branded a “personal, vindictive  & illogical attack on the Prime Minister by former Tory MEP David C. Bannerman who is leading the campaign to get Boris on the Ballot. 

“Daniel has been right at heart of this coup, I asked him at Reform whether he was still out to get Boris & he laughingly nodded he was.” 

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“He’s an unreconstructed Remainer & no Tory.” he added. 

One Tory donor is withholding a £500,000 donation to the party over the fiasco.

Lord Cruddas, also behind calls to get Boris on the Ballot told the Sunday Times: “I planned to donate a total of £500,000 this year but that is on hold and will not be paid unless the membership have a chance to vote on Boris being PM.”

“I have no interest in Rishi who I deem to be not fit for high office due to his plotting and the orchestrated way he and others resigned to remove the 

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