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EXCLUSIVE: Boris’ BOMBSHELL conference speech “will be main attraction” says Cruddas  

BORIS Johnson will make a speech at the Tory Party Conference in October, and Lord Cruddas thinks Boris supporters will be “queuing round the block” to watch the speech. 

The bombshell move will certainly overshadow his successor’s first few weeks in office.

A friend of Mr Johnson told The Times: ‘There’s no way he’s not going to turn up, do the big speech, have them queuing round the block. Especially if things are already looking dicey for Truss.’

Downing Street did not comment but a source told MailOnline it was still unknown if Mr Johnson would give a speech at this year’s Tory conference. 

Lord Cruddas who is backing Boris and has lead the #BorisOnTheBallot campaign gaining almost 9,000 signatures told Politicalite: “They will be queuing around the block if Boris makes a speech at Conference.”

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“No matter who wins the leadership race Boris will still be the main attraction.”

Cruddas has urged outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson to withdraw his resignation as a new poll reveals the majority of Tory members are unhappy at the way he was removed from office. 

A new YouGov poll revealed that 55 per cent of members “believe it was wrong to oust the PM in July amid a dramatic spate of resignations.”

Nearly half of them say they would vote for Mr Johnson if he was included on the leadership election ballot and many believe he would make a better leader than either Truss or Sunak, the Express reported.

Lord Cruddas, who is backing the Boris on the Ballot campaign told Politicalite that the PM would become more popular if he withdrew his resignation. 

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Boris would become more popular if he withdrew his resignation. He would be showing that he is listening to the membership and respecting democracy.” said Cruddas.

“It would also put two fingers up to the 1922 Committee and the anti-democratic constitution of the Conservative Party.”

“Come on Boris you will have the support of your Party and the country. Withdraw that resignation”


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