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SNAKE CALLS SILENCED: Boris is ignoring Hissy Rishi’s calls following No.10 coup  

BORIS Johnson has been ignoring backstabber Rishi Sunak’s calls since he resigned from Cabinet.

Mr Sunak sparked Boris Johnson’s downfall plotting for months, and was accused of being behind party-gate leaks. He then resigned in early July, sparking a leadership race. 

Sunak – whose allies were accused of making “threatening calls” revealed: “I’ve messaged and called, but unsurprisingly he hasn’t returned my calls.

The comments came during an interview with The Telegraph’s associate editor Camilla Tominey who asked whether he had spoken with the Prime Minister since he resigned from his Cabinet.

Mr Sunak said: “I’ve messaged and called, but unsurprisingly he hasn’t returned my calls.”

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No wonder – A senior source told The Daily Mail in July: “The call was aggressive, threatening, bullying.”

“Boris was totally shaken by the venom in the threat.”

“Dougie Smith told Boris to resign and if he refused they would get him any way. That was February. It took until July but they did get him in the end.’ “



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