BREAKING: Ministers Resign Over Brexit Sell-Out

Theresa May’s Brexit deal has been got plunged into crisis this morning. Dominic Raab has resigned as Brexit Secretary and Shailesh Vara has resigned as Northern Ireland Secretary:

The news comes after Mrs May declared last night that the Cabinet had “collectively” decided to back the deal Brexiteers were furious branding the deal “vassalage”.

– Shaliesh Vara submitted the below letter:

– Rumours that “another Brexiteer Minister is considering quitting before the Prime Ministers statement.”

– Sam Coates of The Times reports Michael Gove has pulled out of a trip to Teeside for “personal reasons”.

– 2018 is now the favourite year for being Theresa May’s according to political punters:

– Anna Soubry, a leading Remoaner, has declared that the Prime Minister’s Withdrawal Agreement is “over” and we need a “Government of National Unity”.

Sky News have CONFIRMED Michael Gove has cancelled a trip to farming conference in Yorkshire. Gove was said to have been the only Brexiteer in favour of the deal so this may not be to resign but actually to assume a new post.

– Esther McVey has resigned as Work and Pensions Secretary. No real surprises. She was apparently treated disgustingly at Cabinet and “shouted down”.

-The bonfire of Junior Ministers has begun. Suella Bavaerman and Anne-Marie Trevelyan have both resigned.

– In the Commons, Theresa May is on her feet defending the deal. Jeremy Corbyn says the government is in “chaos” and confirmed Labour will vote against.

-The government is indeed in chaos:

– Remoaner Justin Greening has said she does not “believe this is a good deal for Britain” and calls for another referendum.

Westmonster is reporting Mogg’s letter is IN. The man himself has told the Commons he is considering sending one in.

– According to Buzzfeed, morale amoungst Labour MP’s is “good” and they are ready for a General Election.

– Spokesman for Number 10 saying that Theresa May will fight any confidence motion against her. The very fact they are talking about it means they expect it to happen.

– Michael Gove has been offered the job of Brexit Secretary sources say.

– Theresa May is being savaged in the Commons. Andrew Bridgen said “The Prime Minister campaigned to Remain, maybe now is the time to Leave, possibly following a short transition period.”

– Graham Brady, Chairman of the all important 1922 Committee is saying there will be NO announcement today.

– Nicky Morgan declares she will vote FOR the deal.

– Meanwhile, Penny Mordaunt is said to be off to Number 10 this afternoon. She was pushing for a free vote. The fact she’s going to Number 10 may indicate she’s about to be offered a new job though.

– Ranil Jayawardena, a PPS at the Ministry of Justice has resigned saying that the deal on offer is “not taking back control.”

– Hold onto your hats folks, David Lammy has told the BBC we are into “constitutional crisis”.

– Jacob Rees-Mogg who has FINALLY submitted his letter of no confidence in Theresa May says the next leader must be a Brexiteer and names David Davis, Dominic Raab and Boris Johnson.

– People may well be wondering what the latest is on Penny Mordaunt. Word on the street is that she could be offered Michael Goves job as Environment Secretary, if ol’ fish-face does sell-out and accept Brexit Secretary.

– MAJOR DEVELOPMENT: Michael Gove has reportedly TURNED DOWN Brexit Secretary down. Gove’s Machiavellian Spidey-senses must have spotted a thankless task when they saw one and it means he probably thinks Theresa May is toast.

– Jo Johnson, the former Transport Secretary, has told The Specator that his resignation was a “revolutionary act”.

– Tory Party Vice-Chair and MP for Gillingham & Rainham, Rheman Chishti has RESIGNED citing the Brexit agreement but also, interestingly, the “lack of leadership” from the UK Government in the Asia Bibi case.

– A new letter has been sent to Graham Brady, although Ms Murray should change her Twitter avatar which is of her grinning like a wolfhound next to Theresa May:

– David Mundell, the Scottish Secretary, widely tipped as a potential Ministerial Resignation has announced he is staying in situ.

– Gove has reportedly said he will only become Brexit Secretary IF he can renegotiate the deal Mrs May has spent all day defending and the EU Summit planned for November 25th is CANCELLED. Surely these are impossible terms for the PM to accept?

– Theresa May will hold a Press Conference for 5pm.

– Damien Hinds, Education Secretary, telling the BBC that basically Theresa May is expected to simply reinforce the message that this is the best deal for Britain.

– To save you, dear reader, wasting an hour or so out of your life watching Theresa May’s statement the simple message was ‘deal in national interest’, ‘leaving on 29th March’ blah blah blah, ‘i’m not resigning’…..continue ad infinitum.

– Keep a close eye on Michael Gove and Penny Mordaunt tonight, they will presumably provide the next big story.

– Penny Mordaunt has reportedly left Downing Street in a Government car “suggesting she has not resigned”.

– Sam Coates for The Times is reporting that Michael Gove has definitely turned down the Brexit Secretary job and is now pondering whether to remain in the Cabinet.

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