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BREAKING: POLICE Swoop On Exeter University As ‘GUNMAN’ Threatens Pupils

ARMED police were sent to the University of Exeter after a student reportedly made threats while holding a handgun.

Panicked students have been evacuated from a campus building as police units with guns and dogs entered the grounds following a flurry of calls to 999.

Devon and Cornwall Police thankfully have said that no injuries were reported and are investigating whether the weapon is genuine.

LOCK-DOWN: Police soon had the campus surrounded before taking the culprit into custody.

“We can confirm that we have had no reported injuries and are not currently looking for anyone else in connection to this matter. We wish to reassure those on campus that they are safe. Local officers will remain in the area as we continue our enquiries into this incident.”

One eye witness said she was in the Amory building, on the university’s Streatham Campus, when people were ordered to leave.

“We were all shouted at to leave now, and came outside to police with guns,” she wrote on Twitter.

A spokesperson for the University of Exeter said police were called immediately and “the incident was dealt with swiftly and effectively”.

Exeter University.

“As a precaution, one building was closed for a short period of time, this building has now been reopened and the campus has returned to normal,” she added.

“The safety of everyone on campus is our overriding priority and the university has strict protocols in place for incidents of this nature. We would like to reassure those on campus that the incident is now over.”

“Armed units were sent to Exeter University following reports of a student making threats to other students, whilst in possession of a handgun,” a spokesperson said.

“Police currently have one man in  custody and have seized a weapon; we are now looking to see if this weapon is genuine or a replica.

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