BREAKING: Tommy Robinson To EXPOSE The BBC’s Fake News Against Him

TOMMY Robinson has revealed he is set to bring down the BBC after its Panorama programme set out to produce a highly biased programme about the activist.

Mr Robinson, 36 took to his Facebook page to reveal the news and revealed details for a #Panodrama protest on Saturday 23rd February in Manchester outside the BBC’s Salford Quays HQ.

The activist said that he had gone ‘undercover’ behind an upcoming BBC Panorama programme due to air later this month.

He said it was “one final attempt by the Establishment to destroy me in the eyes of the nation.”

Robinson alleged that the upcoming BBC programme worked with government agencies and said it had a working title “Tommy Robinson Takedown.”

During his live broadcast watched by over 20,000 people on Friday night, Mr Robinson revealed that he had ‘gone undercover’ and said he had ‘video evidence of fake news and doctoring’

“I am going to prove with undercover surveillance and footage of the creation of fake news against me. I am going to prove the bigotry, classism and elitism of those that run the BBC.”

“We will expose them to the world” added Tommy.

“You will see how corrupt the BBC is.”

He added: “They use propaganda to destroy us” and said the BBC was holding an “emergency meeting” about the situation.

The announcement came after the right-wing activist received a letter from the BBC’s Panorama programme which told him the BBC would be airing documentary sometime in the middle of this month.”

In the letter, published on Tommy’s Facebook page, a BBC producer explains that the program is to be a “profile”, focusing on Tommy’s “life and career” alongside his “involvement in political activity in the 2000s” and it will “address the way” in which he has “dealt with those who have written about you and your activities”.

Facebook: Tommy Robinson

The BBC asked Mr Robinson to be interviewed on camera. This documentary has “terrified” him over the effect it will have on him and his family.

He accused the establishment of “planning meticulously” along with “George Soros-funded organisations” the attack on him.

The documentary he has produced will, he expects to lead to resignations.

The only decision he has to make is where he will premier the expose. His opinion is “swaying towards Manchester” on Saturday 23rd February.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. David Kenny

    February 19, 2019 at 05:10

    Thank you for being (at this point) the ONLY news article I could find that wasn’t hate filled lies about Tommy and that includes the 1st 2 pages of Google calling him every slur and begging for people to counter protest this “racist” using an actual racist attack on a family in Salford for justification. It’s a disgrace!! God bless your editor for allowing your report.. Let the facts speak for themselves. See you all at Media City!!

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