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MURDERING PEDOPHILE: Venables To Be ‘Given A New Life’ Abroad – And YOU’RE Paying For It

Jon Venables, the killer of two-year-old James Bulger and a repeat offender on the sex offenders register for recent pedophile activity, is allegedly about to be sent abroad to start a new life and UK taxpayers will pick up the bill.

The frustrating move is said to come as officials have grown tired of constantly having to create new identities for the child killer who was disgracefully granted lifelong anonymity after he was found guilty of murder aged 10.

Venables, now aged 36, has been given numerous different identities since his conviction in 1993 but is continuously outed by outraged members of the public and by people on social media.

RIP: Jamie Bulger.

It is speculated that Venables will most likely be sent to Canada but Australia and New Zealand are also options. 

Two-year-old little James Bulger was brutally tortured and killed by Venables and Robert Thompson, both aged 10 at the time, on February 12, 1993, after the pair led him away from his mother in a Liverpool shopping centre. 

Both murderers were granted lifelong anonymity once they were released from custody and Thompson has never been heard of again. 

CCTV footage shows Bulger being abducted by the evil pair.

Venables, on the other hand, has been jailed a further two times in recent years after admitting to owning more than 1,000 vile pornographic images of children as well as a ‘paedophile manual’. 

Earlier this year it was revealed that legal battles to keep his identity secret had cost UK taxpayers a whopping £65,000, leading to further cries from the public to end the outrageous protection granted to the monster. 

Venables’s lawyers were paid £8,100 in legal aid while government lawyers were paid close to £57,300. 

James Bulger’s father, Ralph, 52, who recently revealed that he works 7 days a week to block out his sadness, has said he will spend his life trying to overturn the ruling that his son’s killers may remain anonymous to ‘protect the public’.

However, High Court judges ruled against the bid because they believed it would ‘endanger Venables’s life’. 

DISAPPEARED: Robert Thompson is now living a carefree life at the taxpayers expense.

At the time, President of the High Court’s Family Division, Sir Andrew McFarlane said that Venables is ‘uniquely notorious’ and that there is a strong possibility, if not a probability, that if his identity were known he would be pursued resulting in grave and possibly fatal consequences.

You won’t see any up-to-date of the monster pedophile Jon Venables (above, as a child), because the establishment don’t want you to.

‘This is, therefore, a wholly exceptional case and the evidence in 2019 is more than sufficient to sustain the conclusion that there continues to be a real risk of very substantial harm to (Venables).’

Robin Makin, acting on behalf of the Bulgers, claimed that authorities are using the anonymity order to avoid scrutiny for failing to keep Venables from re-offending following his release from prison.

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1 Comment

  1. Jan Hooley

    23 June 2019 at 15:44

    How will the children in his country of residence be protected ?? Can anyone appeal against his lifelong anonymity ??

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