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SHOCKING: Peterborough Council CANCELLED Anti-Vote Fraud Scheme

A scheme to prevent voter fraud in Britain’s ‘vote-rigging’ capital of Peterborough was stopped by the local council shortly before the recent controversial by-election, Politicalite can reveal.

Crooked, lying Peterborough MP Fiona Onasanya was jailed for three months in January after being convicted of perverting the course of justice by (in true Hilary Clinton fashion) claiming that a Russian had been driving her car at the time of a speeding offence, at a trial in December.

Fiona Onasanya celebrates her election win with convicted vote-rigger Tariq Mahmood.

Her sentence led to recall petition that successfully saw the crooked member of Commons given the official boot by her constituents.

Yet despite Peterborough City Council being made aware that convicted vote-fraudster, Tariq Mahmood had been employed once again by the Labour campaign team during the election, and despite there being an abnormally high number of postal votes accompanied by the Labour party beating the then incumbent Tory MP, Brexiteer Stewart Jackson by under 700 votes, City Councillors voted to withdraw from a pilot scheme that could have significantly decreased the types of electoral fraud that have eroded the small Cambridgeshire City for decades.

Police check-out a polling station in Peterborough following the imprisonment of Mahmood and the former Labour Mayor.

Last year, Peterborough City Council signed up to take part in a pilot scheme to prevent voter fraud, with certain voters needing to show identification – but with the prospect of council elections in May, as well as the potential recall petition and by-election, the council made the damning decision to pull out of the scheme.

A spokesperson for Peterborough City Council said at the time: “We spoke to the Cabinet Office about our pilot and it has been agreed that, for this year, we will not do a pilot as other election/democratic processes may have to be undertaken due to the conviction of our MP.”

The scheme included postal votes being hand delivered, with a survey asking if the person had received their vote and then a follow up to ask if they have returned their vote and to reiterate the importance of voting in secret themselves.

THREE STOOGES: The former Mayor, and two of his key campaign members, including Tariq Mahmood (centre) who were all convicted and imprisoned for electoral fraud.

Last year, Proxy voters were also asked to show ID at polling stations.

The news of the Council’s cancellation of the much-needed scheme comes as a serious blow to democracy and will no doubt further fuel the frustrations of those who are now beginning to question the validity of the recent by-election result that saw Labour’s anti-semitic Lisa Forbes snatch the marginal seat by (once again) just under 700 votes.

As Politicalite exclusively revealed, Tariq Mahmood, who was imprisoned along with a former Peterborough Mayor for his direct involvement in forging votes and redirecting postal votes in an attempt to rig a local election, was invited to work on the central campaign team for Lisa Forbes’ candidacy, as he had done ‘such a good job’ in helping Labour’s Onasanya steal the seat in the previous GE.

Labour’s Lisa Forbes celebrating her suspicious by-election win with former convict Tariq.

Politicalite is now in talks about launching a legal challenge against the Peterborough by-election result, but time is against us due to there being a strict deadline to present such a challenge.

If you would like to make a financial donation to the cause – no matter how small – please click on the following link:

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