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MORRISONS FAKES IT: Calls for Morrisons Boycott After Store DEFENDS Security Guard Who ATTACKED Brexit Party Candidate

MORRISONS is facing a boycott after the supermarket chain defended a security guard who attacked a local Brexit Party candidate in Denton. 

The store told Politicalite claimed that Customers had complained about the candidate – but no eyewitnesses could not verify this claim.

Morrisons said the candidate was “forcing leaflets onto them.” and added that “Electioneering doesn’t take place in our stores.”

“He was asked to leave the store but wouldn’t.”

However, the Brexit Party candidate has claimed he was only going into the store for a cup of tea.

Apprentice winner, and Hull West candidate Michelle Dewberry slammed the store and called the guards actions “a disgrace.”

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She said: “Campaigning all day is tiring. Everyone is entitled to a rest. How dare you assault/ban him in this way.”

Now customers have vowed to boycott the store with one user writing on Twitter that it was a “disgrace.”

Micheal Colins wrote: “This is an utter disgrace! @Morrisons I will certainly boycott them!”

Terry Savage wrote on Twitter: “Disgraceful All brexiteers should boycott Morrison’s until this thug is sacked!”

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A security expert also weighed in on the incident telling Politicalite: “It’s excessive to the point of assault.”

“Yes they can put their arms up to stop him. But shoving pushing and grabbing whilst speaking in an aggressive manner. Is unacceptable.”

“They didn’t use any conflict management skills, their language was foul and they also acted in an intimidating manner. I’d press charges.”

What do YOU think? Comment below.

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CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article claimed the incident happened in a store in Bolton – it’s now believed it happened in Denton. We have corrected the story. 

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