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PETERBOROUGH: Could LABOUR Worm Its Way Into Power?

PETERBOROUGH voted overwhelmingly in favor of leaving the EU in the 2016 referendum. But are they about to back Labour?

As the former Vote Leave coordinator for the City, it became apparent quite early on to me in the Leave campaign that they were ‘leavers’ for two very good reasons, mass immigration and the erosion of national identity – both of which have been crippling my hometown for decades. But, as I fear we are about to see, in the words of my granddad, we Peterborians – as with most people – ‘never learn’. 

All 15 candidates for the Peterborough by-election.

Leave voters numbered 60.1 percent in comparison to 39.1 percent for Remain out of a turnout of 72.3 percent.

This same pro-Brexit Leave feeling was repeated at the end of May when Nigel Farage’s party won twice as many votes as its nearest rival Labour.

The Brexit Party polled 16,196 votes, while Labour drew a result of 7,272 votes followed by the Liberal Democrats on 6,491 votes.

The Brexit Party, the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party made gains with both Remain and Leave voters.

Peterborough made the front page of national newspapers after voting overwhelmingly to leave.

The Liberal Democrats had 16 percent of the vote, up 10 percent with Remain voters and 1 percent with Leave voters from last week.

The Green Party had 11 percent of the vote, an increase of eight percent and seven percent from last week with Remain and Leave voters respectively.

Ladbrokes make it just a 1/6 shot the Brexit Party wins the by-election, putting them streets ahead in the betting, with Labour out at 4/1 and every other runner 33/1 or bigger.

Alex Apati of Ladbrokes said: “At this point it’s hard to see anything other than a win for the Brexit Party in the Peterborough by-election.”

Farage and Greene hope to clear-up in the City.

But if there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past few years, it’s never to put any stock in polls. Peterborough has many other factors that will affect this election – demographics and a severe fondness of certain Labour activists for electoral fraud, being just two of them. 

As Politicalite recently exclusively revealed, Labour’s Peterborough candidate who hopes to replace the criminal former Labour MP, holds some serious antisemitic beliefs or at least leans towards the vile ideologies promoted within the rank and file of her once proud party. 

DITCHED: Labour MP Fiona Onasanya was voted out by her constituents after perverting the course of justice.

But are the people of Peterborough about to unwittingly vote her in? With various factors at play, and with the knowledge that Peterborough voted Labour in the last ill-thought-out GE, will the sudden shift of voters from the Tories to The Brexit Party simply split the vote; parting the waters to allow Lisa Forbes to stroll down the center and straight into Parliament? Will some of the murkier characters within the local Labour team help tip the scales in her favor through the same illegal means they have employed during every election in recent history? Will indecisiveness among Leave voters over whether to go blue, purple, or turquoise, lead to the red flag of socialism being raised once again over Peterborough?

With the result being announced tonight, we shall soon find out. 

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