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THE COMRADE STRIKES AGAIN: Brexit Party MEP Attacks PM’s Hugely Popular Voter ID Reform

FAR-LEFT Brexit Party MEP Claire Fox has been slammed after she attacked Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s hugely popular Voter ID reforms to stop ethnic ballot burglars from stealing British Elections.

Prime Minister Johnson announced measures to tackle voter fraud in the Queens Speech yesterday – but Loony Leftist Fox, who was a leading member of the far-left Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) – a group that defended the 1993 IRA Warrington bombings in which TWO innocent children died – hit back at the plans and described the move as “over the top, in the way of a response”.

RODENT: Fox Was a Founding Member of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) which defended the 1993 Warrington bombings that killed 12-year-old Tim Parry, above.

In comments that prove the Brexit Party is moving more and more to the far-left, as echoed by its founder Catherine Blaiklock last week, Fox told the BBC’s Politics Live that the hugely popular reforms were “unnecessary”.

She added that it was “over the top, in the way of a response” to voter fraud allegations.

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Voter fraud is rampant across the UK in towns that have high Muslim populations – as seen in London borough of Tower Hamlets and towns like Peterborough… it’s also claimed voter fraud happens up and down the country.

Brexit Party MEP Richard Tice however, wrote on Twitter that he agreed with the reforms.

”We saw postal vote fraud st Peterborough, hardly an inner city…. and a community that clammed up when we investigated…. and destroyed CCTV evidence to prevent going to trial.”

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Politicalite along with our Associate Editor Jay Beecher exposed Britain’s biggest ballot burglar, Tariq Mahmood in a story that made The Sunday Times and The Spectator earlier this year.

He thinks that Voter ID “is the first step towards restoring the public’s faith in the electoral process.”



THE VIEW that Claire expressed today on national television in opposing voter ID was irresponsible, uneducated, and completely out-of-touch with both reality and the general public.

As I exposed in the Peterborough by-election; electoral fraud does exist, it is widespread, and it is going unchallenged partly thanks to ill-informed comments like Claire’s.

Voter ID is the first step towards restoring the public’s faith in the electoral process – feeling that their vote will count, their voice be heard, and that no-one will be able to steal that from them.

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It also gives the people control – which is where the control should always be.

The Labour Party introduced Voter ID in Northern Ireland, where it has continued (with huge success) ever since.

There are more steps to take however – not least of all banning the tradition of handing out postal votes as though they were polos., accept that we’ve got a problem, and undertake an urgent and complete reformation of the electoral system – from the commission to the laws that are supposed to be protecting our democracy, but instead are failing it. But if there’s one thing that Claire Fox taught us by listening to her reel-off a fact-dodging ill-informed monologue on voter fraud today, it would probably be that it’s not worth wasting time listening to Claire Fox.

One user wrote on Twitter: Voting democratically is one of our most precious gifts in Britain and it must never be abused.

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It’s simply common sense that precaution is taken to ensure we NEVER need recounts and the result is 100% true. It’s a massively serious crime to vote fraudulently so I’m pro-ID, please.

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