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ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER U-TURN: Theresa May DOUBLES offer to EU and WILL allow role for ECJ post-Brexit

THERESA MAY has backtracked on two key Brexit promises by DOUBLING the offer to Brussels to leave to a whopping £40bn and she will now ALLOW a role for the European Court of Justice post-Brexit.

In a move likely to anger Brexiteers, the Prime Ministers plans have won the backing of key Brexiteer cabinet members, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove. The plans were approved at the so-called “Brexit War Cabinet” at Number 10 on Monday.

The Cabinet’s leading Brexiteers, Boris Johnson and Micheal Gove, were sheepish as they left Downing Street and Liam Fox left the meeting alongside a silent Mr Davis.

Theresa May, Boris Johnson and Micheal Gove along with the rest of the cabinet also agreed to allow the European Court of Justice to have a role post-Brexit.


LAME duck Theresa May has shown her true Remain hand today by allowing the ECJ to keep a role post-Brexit.

Just a few months ago, our weak and wobbly Prime Minister promised that the UK would leave the clutches of the hated ECJ.

May insisted the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice in the UK will come to an end with Brexit and said that the UK would “take back control of our laws”.

She also said that Britain would pay around £20bn to leave the EU, and now, she’s doubling that offer.

Leading Brexit cabinet members have also sold Brexit-voters down the river, even Boris Johnson has taken a jungle leaf out of Micheal Gove’s book and stabbed Brexiteers in the back.

When it comes to Brexit, it’s clear Britain’s Brexit voters are unable to trust May&Co who are holed up in number 10, despite failing to win an outright majority.

In 1984, Britain’s Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, successfully negotiated a rebate, today Mrs May bows down to the Eurocrats, she simply hasn’t got the bottle to fight for Britain.

Strong and stable?

Yea, right.

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