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ANTI-BREXIT BIAS CORPORATION: BBC News talks Britain down with report FUNDED by the European Union



RE-MOANING BBC News has been pushing a report by the Rand Corporation, an American think-tank warning that “nearly all” the possible outcomes of Brexit will see the UK worse off than staying in the EU.

The Rand Corporation, which published the report, is funded by the European Commission, the European Parliament and the European Union Research Executive Agency.

According to Guido Fawkes, the report is filled with flaws and biases – for example, it says the Brexit bill will be up to €75 billion (fact check: it’s between £35-39 billion).

The report looks at many types of supposed models for Brexit, but it doesn’t assess the outcome of the UK signing trade deals with multiple countries.

Then there is the model Rand say they have used to determine their figures – it is the same as the infamous Treasury model that wrongly predicted the sky falling in after a Leave vote.

The report admits that “research for this study was completed as of 15 September 2017” which doesn’t include talks now moving to Phase 2.

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