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BACK OUR FARMERS! Make Britain Great, Buy British!

THE REMAINERS wring their hands in anguish over a future out of Europe and issue ‘I told you so’ statements over the apparent chaos at UK freight ports. This is mainly because our politicians have failed to arrive at an agreement with the European Union after over four years of negotiation.

The situation is now compounded by the discovery that the coronavirus had mutated, and a total travel ban was imposed by France. France has promised to help ease the congestion, but British goods continue to perish in container lorries and people are losing their livelihoods as a result. There is one measure that could be enacted by the people of Britain to lessen our dependence on exporting goods to the European Union in the long-term and ease the current situation and that is, simply, to buy British.

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This is a prime time for our politicians to be backing a buy British campaign. For the Brussels regime, it is anathema to favour one country’s products over another’s, but we can do that now. In any case, many of them were economic basket cases, surely this is the time to capitalise on our impending freedom. Buying British will have multiple benefits including generally propping up our economy post-Brexit, reducing our dependence on exporting to Europe, and reducing our need to import from Europe. But the main and immediate benefit will be, post COVID-19, to get money moving again within British commerce and industry allowing firms to survive and jobs and lives to be saved.

I am unaware of any campaign within the bounds of Westminster. Our leaders are mainly preoccupied with ruining the economy and imposing ever-stricter controls on our lives. The Chancellor’s ‘eat out to help out’ campaign was short-lived and now partly blamed for our current locked-down situation. But there should be a parallel ‘buy British to save jobs’ campaign and any politician in need of resources to support such a campaign need not look too far. Several movements such as Make it British promote British goods and provide relevant information on how likely people are to buy British. Facebook groups exist to promote British goods and share news about British products. Made in Britain indicate that already 90% of people questioned think buying British is a good idea and that 40% already buy British regardless of cost. A majority believe that they can make a difference to the British economy by buying British and 48% believe that British products are better than imported equivalents. One area of confusion, especially over cars, was which ones were British; a clear pointer to politicians about where to start helping us. Turning to Facebook, the following forums exist: Buy British (5.8k members); Let’s Buy British (3.1k members); and Make Britain Great – Buy British (1.7k members).

Assuming that politicians will be slow to act, the public already have resources available to help them change their purchasing habits and increase their contribution to the British economy.


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