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The ‘Bad Boy of Brexit’ Oli Coulwill: It’s time to bash the Brexit bullies

AS a reader of Politicalite you already know the slurs Brexiteers face, so let’s not bore ourselves with them. 

We dismiss the attacks we endure at the suggestion we should not have import tariffs on tomatoes from Africa nor open borders with white, wealthy nations at the expense of migrants who are from further afield. 

Perhaps it is time to care? Not because we feel like victims; find a brexiteer who does, you’d struggle.

We should care on behalf of the people who read Facebook status’ but don’t comment, who spent their lunch break voting Leave in 2016, who read Politicalite without commenting and who want to see the back of Juncker but don’t fancy the agg of coming out.

The cause would have such a shot in the arm if we could convince the 52% to be comfortable with their views, but to do that we can no longer laugh off the slanderous statements thrown at us.

We must fight back in beer gardens, office smoking areas and wherever else we face the slurs. We need to give the silent majority confidence.

I’d like to hear of your experiences with the Remoaners and their bully-boy tactics… Comment below!

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