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BETRAYAL OF THE 17.4m: Theresa gets a NO DEAL from Brussels as Arlene Foster REFUSES to back plans for Northern Ireland

THERESA MAY was facing, even more, humiliation today as she FAILED to reach an agreement with the European Union to move Brexit talks onto the next stage.

The PM said in a televised conference that key differences remain on “a couple of issues”

But it was Arlene Foster who crushed May’s hopes for a deal after The Prime Minister tried to keep Northern Ireland in the Single Market and the Customs Union by stealth.

May has broken off from talks with Jean Claude Junker to speak to Arlene Foster who has voiced outrage at the Prime Ministers plans to give Dublin concessions.

It is also understood that up to 20 Tory MPs also refused to back the plans.

Nigel Farage wayed into the Nothern Ireland row and said: “This is a bitter betrayal of 17.4 million people.” he said.

Mr Farage added “It is a concession too far, for it will lead to endless problems in Scotland and it damages the integrity of the United Kingdom.

17.4 million people did not vote for the beginning of the break-up of the United Kingdom. That in effect is what this deal does. When we head to the European Council meeting on December 14 to talk trade, and we see if – having now given in to everything – we get much in return.

“Every single thing the EU wants they get. We look very weak, very weak indeed. “Can it be rescued? It’s not over yet.”

Many are now wondering if Mrs May has lost her mind, the DUP would never accept this kind of deal, and Mrs May has been working against their interests.

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