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BREAKING: Theresa May’s Brexit Deal DEFEATED in Parliament



THERESA May’s hated Brexit deal has suffered its first defeat in the British Parliament. 

The Associated Press reported that the Prime Ministers deal suffered a parliamentary defeat as peers revealed their opposition to it by 321 votes to 152, majority 169.

The news came as one Tory rebel MP and Whip, Gareth Johnson QUIT his role so he could vote against May’s Brexit deal.

The Conservative MP for Dartford wrote in his resignation letter that over the past few weeks ‘I had tried to reconcile my duties as a Whip to assist the Government to implement the European Withdrawal Agreement, with my own personal objection’. He added: ‘I have concluded that I cannot, in all conscience, support the Government’s position when it is clear this deal would be detrimental to our nation’s interests.’


More follows.

This is a developing story.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. jim R

    15 January 2019 at 18:20

    So about 50% peers abstained. How many turned up on the day to collect their £300 expenses? At a most critical time in our history this is a disgrace. We are kind of busy just now but we will get round to sorting them out in due course.

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