BREXIT BACKSLIDE: Appeaser Theresa DROPS plans to take back control of UK fisheries during a so-called transition period

THERESA May has dropped plans to take back control of UK fisheries during the transition period and given into Brussels.

The Conservatives have accepted that British fishermen will not enjoy a larger share of fish in domestic waters in the transition period The Daily Express reports.

A draft EU text demands Britain to share its “total catch”, which will remain unchanged during the two years transition period according to the Daily Express.

Fishing for Leave has called on the Government to push for full sovereignty of British waters by using “international law to claim all our resources we wouldn’t be able to catch”, saving the UK’s fishing fleets from being “consigned to a museum”.

Fishing for Leave spokesman Alan Hastings said: “The grave consequences are two-fold.

“One is never escaping and being enmeshed in the CFP forever because the UK is agreeing to re-obey the CFP in a new treaty which gives the EU grounds to claim continuity and continuation of rights under the Article 70 and Article 30 of the Vienna Convention of Treaties.

“Two, the EU also can take us to the cleaners by enforcing detrimental legislation to eradicate what’s left of the British fleet and then use international fisheries law, under UNCLOS Article 62.2, to claim the “surplus” resources we would no longer have the fleet capacity to fish.”

Fishing for Leave argues being trapped in the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy with no veto or voting rights would allow the EU to abolish the 12-mile limit which protects Britain’s inshore and shell-fishermen and overturns relative stability shares.

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