BREXIT BUNKER: Remainer Media Goes Into Alarmist Overdrive

Over the past three years, we’ve witnessed a long list of alarmist warnings about Brexit from the establishment media.

We’ve heard claims of civil unrest and outbreaks of super-gonorrhoea. Predictions that many thousands with diabetes will die from lack of insulin supplies and, God forbid, a severe sandwich shortage. Brexit warnings have ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous.

This month, Labour’s Welsh Government took the alarmist PR to an apocalyptic level. Take a look inside the Brexit bunker.

In a piece for Wales Online, reporter Ruth Mosalski went to the so-called Brexit bunker deep within the bowels of the Welsh Government building in Cathays, Cardiff.

In an exclusive report, the Reach PLC (formerly Trinity Mirror a.k.a. the Labour Party Press Office) reporter tells us,

“to get to it you need the right clearance to get into the Welsh Government building in Cathays in Cardiff and know the way down the right corridors and downstairs until you reach the sign reading “situation room”.”

So far, so very X-Files.

The article treats us to numerous pictures of serious-faced civil servants poring over large maps on tables like something akin to Churchill’s war rooms during the Battle of Britain.

Mosalski pushes the war room aesthetic,

“In the centre of the situation room is a large table covered in a huge map of Wales under glass. It’s not a huge jump to image it covered in model trucks or people, a croupier stick laid on top to move them as required.”

Another picture shows the staff sitting stony-faced, staring at computer screens. One staffer holds a landline telephone looking like he’s just received news that the United States has switched to DEFCON 1.

The scene is so obviously contrived – the propagandists didn’t even bother to turn any of the computers on.

We learn of the protocol,

“There are, I’m told, two options as the October 31 deadline approaches. One is that they “pull the red button” putting the whole emergency protocol into place and begin operating from the bunker.”

A red button, you say?

To cap it off the article contains several soundbites from Labour and Plaid Cymru politicians – most alarmingly from Plaid’s Dai Lloyd – “We will be facing a flu epidemic without the main defence against that epidemic.”

Here comes the next Spanish Flu.

But let’s give them their due. Labour’s Welsh Government may need the Brexit Bunker; after all, it can barely manage Wales in peacetime let alone during an emergency.

In May, the Welsh Government’s Deputy Economy Minister Lee Waters admitted that “we don’t know what we’re doing on the economy.” 

Refreshingly honest.

Expect to see more cheap and ridiculous attempts to induce terror in the general public as we approach October 31.

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