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BREXIT CRISIS: Police Leave CANCELLED Across UK As Establishment Plan To ‘KILL’ Brexit

POLICE leave has been CANCELLED across Britain as the Establishment prepares to ‘kill-off’ Brexit with a second referendum, or an extension to Article 50, meaning we could possibly NEVER leave the EU.

The Government is reportedly preparing for mass ‘civil disobedience’ if Brexit is abandoned, but that abandonment is looking ever more likley.

Sources told Politicalite that Police in Kent have had their holiday entitlement cancelled over the March/April period.

“They are possibly being drafted into London on the 29th” said one source.

A planned ‘Yellow Vest’ protest is also planned for March 29th.

Last night, the weak and unstable Prime Minister was left ‘totally humiliated’ as SEVENTY-FIVE Tory MPs rebelled against her, the rudderless leader as she drove S.S. Withdrawal agreement into an iceberg.

Mrs May made a croaky statement to the House of Commons outlining her next, and final Brexit steps… either a No Deal Brexit, or an extension to Article 50, which could potentially cause ‘riots’ across Britain.

She told the Commons that she said “profoundly regrets” MPs voting against her tweaked Withdrawal Agreement and Political Deceleration.

May confirmed that the House will now vote on whether it approves of leaving the EU without a deal.

If the House approves leaving the EU without a deal then the government will adopt that as its policy, however, if it declined to do so then the Government will table a motion calling for an extension to Article 50 on the following day.

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