BREXIT LIVE: UKIP leader Gerard Batten says May’s plan is a ‘complete betrayal of Brexit’


UKIP Leader Gerard Batten has said that Mrs May’s Brexit plan is a ‘complete betrayal of Brexit.’

“We are heading for a complete betrayal of Brexit. Mrs May has put something together that is not going to satisfy Remainers or Leavers. The deal will be worse than remaining in the European Union.” said Batten.

“We should stop asking the European Union how we’re going to leave, we should telling them how we’re going to leave. The real struggle to leave the EU starts today.”

As the Cabinet showdown dragged on, Mr Batten tweeted:

“Mrs May’s Brexit statement delayed. Cabinet meeting dragging on. To paraphrase, I guess she is telling them, “You can have me and my ‘not really leaving the EU deal’ or you risk an election and getting Jeremy Corbyn and his Marxists.” What a choice!”

The UKIP leader added: “In the morning we can expect a complete betrayal of the Referendum result. Mrs May has threatened the cabinet with accepting her Not Really Leaving the EU Deal or the threat of a general election and the spectre of a Corbyn Marxist government.”

“This is exactly what I have predicted since the historic and spectacular Referendum result. UKIP’s position is unilateral and unconditional withdrawal.

“The real struggle to leave the EU now begins in earnest. UKIP will never give up the fight for a complete and total exit from the EU.

“If this surrender deal is implemented, UKIP will be the political resistance movement, fighting in the electoral beaches, fields, lanes, and landing grounds. UKIP will never surrender.”

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