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BREXIT TALKS STALL: EU proves that it is impossible to work with the organisation


UK-EU Brexit talks have come to a JUDDERING HOLT after Michel Barnier said the UK ‘must get serious’ about Brexit talks’.

In a stiff rebuttal, David Davis – Brexit secretary – has said that the UK has told the EU that we want to discuss ‘all of the issues’ and not just the Brexit Bill, which is all the EU wish to discuss.

Michel Barnier

Mr. Barnier, The EU’s chief negotiator, has refused to discuss Trade and other Brexit issues until the issue of the Brexit Bill has been settled but Britain is refusing to name a price – the EU wants us to pay as much as £80bn.

Some have said that we cannot leave the ‘restaurant’ until we have paid the Bill, but many are saying that we have already paid for our ‘food’ and that you don’t order from the menu and pay first.

The Brexit talks are proving that working with the EU is truly impossible and making many glad they voted to leave the failing organisation.

The UK government has blamed Mr. Barnier for his “Ill-judged” and “ill-considered” comments.

Mr. Davis responded to Barnier’s claims and said that the “EU must admit they owe the UK money too”.

But all this talk concerning the settlement means nothing when Trade is concerned, 160 other countries in the world trade with the EU without being a member of the European Union or the European Economic Area.

Britain CAN succeed without the EU and a ‘No Deal’ would surely be better than the ridiculous and arrogant way the EU is treating a country that has democratically voted to leave the Union.

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